Video Trailer Explaining the Educational Materials

Why using the educational material in your school? A short 4-minute trailer shows cats and dogs and their relationship with families or children and how they interact.

Listen to the introduction by the FEDIAF Secretary General and hear the testimony of a Headteacher about the development and the practical use of the school material.

Responsible Pet Ownership is best transmitted by education - and children are taught for their future life as adults and also convey their experience and learnings in school to parents, neighbours or friends. Knowledge about the responsible behaviour with cats and dogs and animals in general will thereby be widespread for the welfare of animals and to the benefit of a harmonious human animal relationship.

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Fediaf video trailer with Polish sub-titles

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An example on how children learn about pets - Hungary

In Hungary, the Kindergarten programme on dogs is successfully used.

Learning the seven essential rules of responsible pet ownership is both fun for the children and important for the harmonious human-animal relationship.

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