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FEDIAF produces an excellent range of highly regarded fact sheet on nutrition topics including ‘Animal Proteins’ and ‘Additives’, ‘Home made diets’, ‘Responsible Raw Feeding’, ‘Vegetarian Diets’, and ‘Understanding Pet Food Labels’.

Animal Proteins

This fact sheet explains the strict guidelines covering pet food products and ingredients including animal proteins.

fact sheet animal proteins

Home Made Diets

Detailing that dogs require 37 nutrients and cats over 40 for healthy bodily function, this fact sheet explains why homemade diets are unlikely to be a viable option.

fact sheet home made diet


Giving information on the most commonly used additives in pet food, this sheet explains why they are sometimes necessary.

fact sheet pet food additives

Vegetarian diets

With cats and dogs having specific – and very different - nutritional needs, this fact sheet explains whether a vegetarian diet is safe.
fact sheet vegetatian diet

Understanding Pet Food Labels

This complex topic is explained in this fact sheet, with clear descriptions given for each of the categories appearing on pet food labels.
fact sheet pet food labels

Responsible Raw Feeding

This FEDIAF fact sheet gives excellent advice on how to feed a raw diet responsibly.

fact sheet responsible raw feeding

Nutritional needs of cats and dogs

This FEDIAF fact sheet focuses on the role of five key nutrients needed for healthy life of cats and dogs.

nutri needs

Can I feed dog food to my cat?

Differences between nutritional requirements of dogs and cats explained in this factsheet.

FEDIAF Can I feed dog food to my cat 1