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Newly designed FEDIAF nutritional guidelines for cats and dogs

Workgroup: Nutritional & Analytical wg 10 June 2016

FEDIAF Annual General Assembly, held in Hamburg on 10 June 2016, endorsed and published its updated Nutritional Guidelines for Complete and Complementary Pet Food for Cats and Dogs.

Nutrition of dogs and cats is central for health and wellbeing. Scientific knowledge about nutrient requirements, digestion of feed and metabolism of nutrients are the guidelines for formulating appropriate diets for dogs and cats. It is therefore important that the composition and nutrient profiles of pet food corresponds to the specific nutritional requirements of dogs and cats in the different life cycles.

The European pet food industry has taken up the task of adapting the recommendations for
nutrient levels in pet food in close cooperation with independent scientists. A significant step was initiated in the year 2010, when a Scientific Advisory Board (SAB) with scientists from European countries was installed. The SAB will ensure to maintain the scientific standards of the recommended nutrient levels and it will advise FEDIAF so that latest research results are transferred into the guidelines and the current feeding practice.

Through ongoing communication, research and critical evaluation of new findings FEDIAF and the SAB work on the adaptation of these recommendations in a continuous process. The scientific SAB has set itself the task to accompany this development and to assist FEDIAF in its commitment to safe and healthy pet food.