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FEDIAF 2017 Annual General Meeting

Workgroup: 17 July 2017

Annual general meeting of FEDIAF

European pet food industry holds annual general meeting in Manchester, UK

“The Pet Food Industry United” was this year’s theme of FEDIAF’s annual general meeting, gathering 125 delegates from European associations and companies; they represented the entire product range of cat, dog, bird, small mammals and ornamental fish food.

Brussels/Manchester, June 2017 – “We were delighted to host this year's FEDIAF meeting in Manchester”, said Peter Kersh, Chairman of PFMA. “In the current Brexit discussions, our theme of 'The Pet Food Industry United' couldn't be more relevant. We are happy that the AGM gave us the opportunity to show that the Brexit vote has not changed our role in FEDIAF and we continue to be an active and supportive member.”

FEDIAF gave an overview of the past working year’s EU legislative developments underlining the need for clear, enforceable rules for a level playing field between the operators; it was welcomed that FEDIAF achieved, in discussions with the regulators, a number of new simplified labelling rules, the approval of essential additives or maintain access to important export markets (e.g. Russia, Canada, Turkey). Updated versions of the FEDIAF Nutritional Guidelines Cats and Dogs were approved as well as its improved Safety Guide.

A European Commission representative presented the EU work programme and highlighted that future official controls, also of pet food, would concentrate more on “the truthfulness of labels”. The official thanked FEDIAF for good and constructive cooperation in various fields and for defining requirements of dietetic pet food in particular.

Despite an excellent industry safety track record and responsible self-regulation on safety and nutrition, recently critical media questioned hygiene and quality of pet food – a panel discussion with invited experts on communication, on reputation management and a journalist presented and discussed how best to make industry’s case. – Valuable and reassuring take-home points for membership were made.

The FEDIAF president, Marinus Pannevis, concluded the successful event: “The pet food industry will remain united and keep working closely together, also with our partners in Great Britain.”


FEDIAF represents the European pet food industry with around 200 production sites. It is an umbrella organization of national pet food industry associations. FEDIAF’s mission is to be the credible and responsible voice of the European pet food industry collaborating with authorities, regulators and academics for achieving favourable conditions for the supply of safe, nutritious and palatable products to pets and their owners. Based in Brussels, FEDIAF is fully committed to promoting responsible pet ownership, to the wellbeing of pet animals, to their important social role and to the respect of sustainable development.

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