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Not only kids’ fun

  • Date: 11 May 2010
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IQ-test for budgies

Budgerigars are the most popular pet birds. They are also favourites of children. For a good reason, because the “miniature parrots” are not boring at all, with their vivid chirping, bursting curiosity and their delight to play. “Curiosity and delight in playing are clear signs for intelligence”, says the German behavioral scientist and budgerigar-initiate Dr. Immanuel Birmelin. “Budgies are capable of astonishing intelligence performances – like all pets, whose brain is very big compared to their body.”
Children (and parents) may test for themselves how clever their little feathered friends are. Like this:

    • Bind a millet cob to one of the seating posts and watch what the budgie is doing. Is he pulling the cob upwards? Bright little guy!

    • Hide three equal-looking food cups in different places of the room, which can be reached easily. Put in every cup a small amount of food. Is the budgie directly flying towards the bowls, immediately after having discovered them by chance? Good memory of place!

    • Fill only one of the three cups with food. Is the budgie flying directly towards that bowl after a short time? Super!

    • Cover the food cup with a light top (a playing card, e. g.). Which budgie is the first to push the lid away? By the way: Who is not successful at the first time, is not a fool at all – the bird learns if the human shows how it is done with one finger. Learning by copying is also a performance of intelligence.

    • Cover the food cups with tops in different colors, for example green, blue and yellow. Only the “green” cup is filled with food. Is the budgie flying directly towards “green” after a while? Congratulation – the bird is so clever that it memorizes not only places but also colours.