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Bunny’s garden trip

  • Date: 11 May 2010
  • Topic:

A pleasure with safety

Finally warm weather! Now it’s time for garden trips – even for dwarf rabbits living in the house. “Coneys love to hop out in the green”, says Monika Wegler, author of many German guidebooks about dwarf rabbits. And here are some tips about how bunny’s garden trip becomes a secure pleasure:

  • The dwarf rabbits should have got accustomed to fresh food, otherwise they are in danger to get colic.

  • Company is a must! “Dwarf rabbits only should be put out on the meadow, if someone is in the garden who can keep an eye on them”, is the expert’s advice. To guard them from possible dangers (cats, dogs, birds of prey, e.g.) and to hinder them to hide untraceably.

  • Set borders, so that the overview is ensured. This can be managed within minutes by an enclosure out of reticule elements (available at specialty trade). The garden fence as a border is not enough – many dwarf rabbits have already dug below the fence. The enclosure can be widened and moved as needed, so that the piece of lawn stays fresh and clean.

  • Fertilizers can be a threat for the health of dwarf rabbits. A time span of six weeks, at least, between the garden trip and the last manuring is needed, if there were no heavy showers in the meantime. Compromise: A piece of lawn as “bunny’s paradise” stays non-dunged – and the owner accepts that the grass does not resemble a thick, green carpet.

  • The small pets will be frightened if they have to stay in an empty enclosure. That is why some items should be placed in it, which provide possibilities to hide and spend shadow: a roof out of willow branches, wood houses, tunnels out of clay, and perhaps a wooden box filled with sand to dig in.

  • Please do not disturb! Especially children have to know: dwarf rabbits feel totally at ease with frolicking with each other. They may take flight if they are scared because someone takes them up to smooch with them. There is a better time for strokes when all are back in the house.

  • The end of the trip: a bowl of delicious dry food forms a positive ending and lures the small pets back into their transport cage.

For a permanent outdoor rabbit residence it is important to build an enclosure fit against intruders as well as escapees and a well-insulated barn.