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  • Date: 30 November 2011
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How to teach Children about Pet Animals – FEDIAF explains its Responsible Pet Ownership Educational Programme with a brief video trailer

Brussels, 30 November 2011 – FEDIAF (European Pet Food Industry Federation) further promotes its Responsible Pet Ownership programme by publishing a brief 4-minute video explaining its Materials for Education. 
Education at school or at kindergarten is governed by all Member States by national or regional curricula: Teaching and learning is seen by all modern cultures as the key to the future economic and moral development of the society. 
But few if any curricula include a set of courses specifically dedicated to pets in society, how to deal with pets or the benefits of pets. This might be seen as surprising with a view to the fact that roughly 200 million pets[1] live in 70 million households in the European Union. 
In many countries, national and/or local governments, nongovernmental organizations and also the pet food industry encourage and promote responsible pet ownership: On search engines the entry “responsible pet ownership” gives well in excess of 200.000 hits. 
Based on positive experiences in Germany and Hungary, but also other countries, the European Pet Food Industry started such an initiative with teaching materials on “Fascinating Cats” and “Fascinating Dogs” for primary school children and “Dogs and young children” for younger children from age 3. 
The school programmes were developed by educational experts and are published in English on the FEDIAF website, translations are in the responsibility of the national pet food industry associations and are posted on the FEDIAF site – or teachers may decide using the material in their English courses. 
Why using the educational material? A short 4-minute trailer shows cats and dogs and their relationship with families or children and how they interact. 
Listen to the introduction by the FEDIAF Secretary General and hear the testimony of a head teacher about the development and the practical use of the school material. 
It is essential that children start learning from an early age how dogs behave, how they express fear or aggression, how they become part of the family and how they obey orders. 
You can watch or download the trailer here
For details: Thomas Meyer, FEDIAF Secretary General, + 32 2 536 05 20,
For more information on FEDIAF: “Who we are”

[1] 64 m cats, 60 m dogs, 39 m birds, 14 m small mammals, 8 m aquaria (source: FEDIAF, see Facts & Figures)