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FEDIAF hopes to encourage as many schools as possible to incorporate messages about Responsible Pet Ownership in their teaching.  We believe that responsible Pet Ownership teaches children valuable lessons about responsibility and caring for others, which are important throughout childhood and as an adult.

We hope that the children will help spread key messages about animal welfare and the benefit of a harmonious human animal relationship.  FEDIAF has produced different material for use in school. This short 4-minute trailer shows cats and dogs and their relationship with families or children and how they interact.

You may also download the video trailer as: Windows Media Video  [wmv, 55 MB] / Apple Quicktime Movie  [mov, 53 MB] / MP4/H.264 Video  [mp4, 34 MB].  Please note, if the video automatically starts playing upon clicking it's link, please right-click the link and choose "Save target as...".Please click here  to download the video with Polish sub-titles.



 FEDIAF has produced three detailed booklets, which are comprehensive guides for children.  Two of these booklets are for primary school children and live up to their names: “Fascinating Cats” and “Fascinating Dogs”! The third booklet is an essential guide for younger children (from age 3) on how to deal safely with dogs.

‘Fascinating Dogs’ and ‘Fascinating Cats’ aim to explain to children in an easy, lively and interactive way the origins of cats and dogs, their domestication, their biology, some breeds, their role in society and in particular how these pets behave and how we should behave with them. We believe that children can learn a lot about animal behaviour and understand more about animal welfare by studying the cat and dog, two of our most popular and familiar pet animals.

These booklets are already used by teachers and children in German schools to great success.  You can watch our You Tube videos here.

 ‘Dogs and Young Children – living together in harmony’ gives advice for children on the importance of caring for pets responsibly and therefore reducing the risk of receiving a dog bite. This booklet was distributed to every junior school in Hungary to educate younger children and we hope it will be used in many other regions too.

All booklets are available in English, Polish, Lithuanian and Hungarian. ‘Dogs and Young Children’ is also available in Slovenian. Please click through to download.

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