FEDIAF, the European Pet Food Industry Federation, and its members have always been extremely aware of and demanding about their responsibility to make sure that the Pet Food Industry offers only safe and nutrionally balanced prepared pet food with meaningful and appropriate consumer information.


FEDIAF adopted an internal set of standards which companies adhere to in order to provide all nutrients necessary for cats and dogs. Please click on "Nutrition" on the left navigation bar for downloading the FEDIAF Nutritional Guidelines.  


Regulation 183/2005/EC on Feed Hygiene lays down basic principles of safe production and safety of all feed, including pet food. Sectors active in the feed chain were invited to develop voluntary Guides to Good Practice validated by the EU and the 27 Member States.  FEDIAF's Code was validated already in 2007, an updated version was subsequently EU validated in 2010.

Please click on "Safety" on the left navigation bar for downloading the latest, officially validated version of the FEDIAF Guide to Good Practice plus a set of training modules.  


Regulation 767/2009/EC on the marketing and use of feed replaced existing and updated legislation on labelling and presentation of farm feed and also pet food. As in the Feed Hygiene Regulation, it foresees self-regulation: Industry sectors are invited to explain and interprete the legislation and give practical guidance for industry, consumers and authorities how to apply the EU rules in all EU Member States.
The FEDIAF Code of Good Labelling Practice for Pet Food was validated as the first such European Code in December 2011 and please click on "Labelling" on the left navigation bar for downloading the Code.