the european pet food industry


FEDIAF, the European Pet Food Industry Federation, and its members have always been extremely aware of and demanding about their responsibility to make sure that the Pet Food Industry offers only safe and sound prepared pet food.

Already in 2001, FEDIAF adopted an internal set of standards which companies adhere to in order to prevent, rather than react to, potential difficulties in the production process and to meet their commitment to nutrition, safety and quality.

FEDIAF welcomes the opportunity given to Industry in Regulation (EC) N o 183/2005 laying down requirements for Feed Hygiene to prepare sectorial voluntary guides to good practice. These undergo an EU assessment as to their practicability for the sector concerned and as to their observance of hygiene principles in legislation, Codex Alimentarius and HACCP.  Their titles and references are published in the Official Journal of the EU.

Under the following links you can download the Guides. Please, be advised:

These publications and their parts are protected by copyright. They may be duplicated for use in companies, by authorities or for private use. Any commercial use is prohibited and may only be allowed on a written application and after a written premission may have been granted by FEDIAF. 

FEDIAF has updated its Guide to Good Practice which has been endorsed by the EU in February 2018.:

Please click here for the EU endorsed FEDIAF Guide to Good Practice version 2017.

For other language versions please contact FEDIAF, the English version being the official reference.

FEDIAF also adopted a training package on the Guide explaining the scope and subject, including practical HACCP examples in pet food production. This training package is used by national pet food associations at presentations to their member and non-member companies, authorities and third parties.

Training Package (relating to the endorsed 2010 version) - please click below


+ module I "Personnel"
+ module II "Quality management system"

+ module III "Hazard analysis of critical points"
+ module IV "Traceability"
+ module V "Plant design and maintenance"

+ module VI "Pet food design and formulation"

+ module VII "Purchasing and delivery"

+ module VIII "Production"

+ module IX "Storage and transport "