the european pet food industry


  • Established in 1970
  • Representing the pet food industry in 21 European countries via 16 national or regional pet food industry associations before EU institutions and other international bodies
  • Promoting the views and interests of around 650 European pet food producing companies
  • Aiming at a legislative framework for the production of safe, nutritious and palatable pet food
  • Being the competent partner for the EU institutions in all legislative, political and technical aspects concerning the pet food industry
  • Recognising and promoting the important social role of pets in society
  • Supporting and encouraging responsible pet ownership



article img 1The European pet food industry provides a range of carefully prepared products to help ensure long, healthy and active lives of million pets in Europe, which are cared for in around 70 million pet keeping households.

In the older days, animals were kept for working duties with a different attention attached to them by owners: Fed on unbalanced diets such as table-scraps sometimes resulted in bone disorders, digestive trouble, liver complaints and other diseases.

Nowadays, there is a unique emotional bond between humans and pets, they have taken on an important social role : For children to learn responsibility and a sense of caring, for elderly people or single households to have companionship. Be it Siamese cats or Siamese fighting fish, bulldogs or budgerigars, rabbits or retrievers - the variety of pets is immense, the species may be different, but they become fully-fledged members of the family.

Increased consciousness of humans for their own balanced diet led to recognising the same need for pets and it is the industry's responsible task to provide, with care and research, the best possible nutritional value for a long and healthy life of the pets. 

Quality and safety, nutritional balance and palatability, variety and value for money, pet owner demands and convenience - these important elements for pets and their owners are paramount for the European Pet Food Industry.