the european pet food industry

European Statistics

On an annual basis, FEDIAF reviews member association data on market and population trends.  The figures are a striking proof of the importance Europeans attach to their companion animals. Here are some highlights from our Facts and Figures 2017 report:


  • An estimated 80 million European households own at least one pet animal
  • At least 21% own one dog and at least 24% own one cat
  • Europe has 132 pet food producing companies and 200 production plants
  • Throughout Europe, an estimated 1.000.000 direct and indirect jobs are generated by pet ownership such as veterinarians or breeders or connected supply industries.  
  • Pet food products show annual sales volume of 8.5 million tons and turnover is 20.5 billion euros.
  • Pet related products and services are valued at 7 billion Euros (accessories), 9 billion (services) totalling 16 billion.
  • The pet food industry and related supply and services represent a combined annual turnover of over € 36.5 billion.
  • The pet food industry is growing at a rate of 2%.

Please click here for the FEDIAF Facts & Figures 2017.