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Nutritional Guidelines Cats and Dogs

  • Date: 27 September 2011
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In collaboration with European nutritionists, FEDIAF publishes new Nutritional Guidelines for Cats and Dogs

Nutritional requirements for cats and dogs are different to human requirements and between cats and dogs there are significant differences - a cat is not a "small dog"...
Since the 1980s, FEDIAF has been working on establishing levels of nutrients to satisfy the requirements of cats and dogs; these Guidelines are used by companies to formulate their recipes.
Science evolves, new data is constantly available and several updated versions have been published over the years. For the 2011 revision, FEDIAF collaborated with eminent scientists from academia forming the Scientific Advisory Board.
The Scientific Advisory Board will continue advising on how further improvements can be done to ensure that the FEDIAF Guidelines are continuously updated and reflect the state of the art of science.
For access to "The Reference Document on Cat and Dog Nutrition" please click here.