self regulation legislation

Just as human food, pet food is highly regulated to guarantee the highest standards of hygiene, safety and quality. 

Since 1970, the European legislator has adopted a succession of directives and regulations, which have had a direct impact on all the production stages and the marketing of pet food.

FEDIAF welcomes the detailed regulatory framework taking into account the specificity of the industry and its products. FEDIAF co-operates closely with the EU authorities to ensure the production of healthy, balanced and quality products.

There are hundreds of pieces of legislation and they are all under regular review to adapt to scientific and technological developments. Areas covered include:

List of EU legislation and other rules applicable to or of relevance for pet food Status 26 08 2020 page 0001

  • Official requirements to operate pet food plants
  • Regulations on the labelling of pet food
  • General advertising rules
  • Raw materials of animal and vegetable origin
  • The use of additives according to their utility, efficacy and safety .
  • Health and sanitary measures (including specific health certificates for trade and processing of meat products)
  • Sampling and methods of analysis for the control of raw materials and finished products
  • Specific sanitary and safety controls, as well as controls of labelling declarations.
  • The use of dietetic pet food for use for animals whose metabolism is temporarily or irreversibly impaired

Please download here the List of EU legislation and other rules applicable to or of relevance for pet food (Status 26.08.2020).